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Types what types?

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian.
Does not eat any kind of flesh. No fish, no crabs, no chicken no caviar etc. Not even cod liver oil! Generally prefers to keep these creatures alive than kill them. But a lacto ovo vegetarian can eat other animal products that do not cause aimals to die in the process of creating them like milk, cheese and eggs.
Pesce Vegetarian.
Just like lacto-ovo but allow the eating of fish on the basis that fish do not feel pain like other animals because their nerve endings are not very 'fine tuned'. (contributed by nora wafaai)
Lacto Vegetarian.
Same as lacto-ovo above but does not eat eggs.
Ovo Vegetarian.
Eats eggs but no dairy products and milk.
No eggs, no dairy products. Generally believe that the suffering that animals in modern and not so modern animal farms cause suffering and that we should not enjoy that in any way.
I only know of one religion ( Jainism ) that does not only forbid the eating of animals but also of vegetables that have to be killed in order to eat them. So fruits are ok but mushrooms are not.

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